vetiver - single note roller
vetiver - single note roller

vetiver - single note roller

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Solid black glass roller for maximum preservation and easy travel. This high-grade oil fragrance focuses on a singular plant, Vetiver. Unisex fragrance that is resinous, earthy, smoky and deep. Crafted from the roots of organic Vetiver grass, the pure plant-based fragrance is completely natural with therapeutic properties that help ground and reduce stress and anxiety. Apply liberally to pulse points and breathe in the mesmerizing aroma. 


Roll on pulse points and soles of feet for grounding/ calming support. 


Grounding, Calming, Centering.


Earthy, Deep, Warm, Woody


10ml / .33fl oz Roll-On

Made with pure organic Vetiver essential oil & organic Jojoba oil

SAFETY GUIDELINES: For external use only. If you are pregnant or nursing, discuss with your health care provider first. Keep out of reach of children.